About The Academy:

Susane Reis B.M. Piano Performance California State University Stanislaus, 2009 M.M. Piano Pedagogy University of Oregon, 2011

The Eugene Piano Academy has been a dream, born out of years of research in the study of teaching and playing the piano. The dream stems from my beginning years in piano lessons and my struggles as I realized that much was missing from my initial training when I entered college. There was a whole world of music beyond what I was getting in private lessons. I took time to find myself as a pianist when I entered the academic study of music and also as I took time aside to travel the United States with a touring musical group. In my travels I was immersed in the creative aspect of writing and arranging music, as well as performing, and I strive to instill these indispensable skills to my students. It has been my personal goal to find the highest-quality teaching method and provide a place that the community can come to learn and share the joy of music with their peers. My pursuit of finding “the perfect” method brought me to Eugene where I had the opportunity to study with some of the finest professors. It was here that I was introduced to the Harmony Road Music method. After being trained in the method I can say, with confidence, that I have found the most complete method of teaching beginning music, for all ages, in Harmony Road. It engages the studentʼs ear and develops their innate sense of creativity, while making them proficient readers - therefore becoming a complete musician. Along with teaching the fundamentals of music it is also my goal to foster the aspiring young pianist in their pursuit of technical mastery, lyrical touch and knowledge of the history and vast repertoire written for the piano. Thanks to the support of my mentors, both during my graduate and undergraduate studies, I have found the confidence to make my dream a reality... and here I present to you the Eugene Piano Academy!

Susane Davis, Director

Margaret Gowen


Margaret Gowen has been active as a teacher and freelance musician in the Eugene and Springfield area for many years. She received her Bachelor's degree in music education from the University of Oregon, where she also studied piano performance and piano pedagogy with Dr. Dean Kramer and Dr. Claire Wachter.


Margaret has always enjoyed working with children and feels that the best teachers enjoy their students as much as the subject matter. She also believes that active listening, creativity, and the the love of music are just as important to a student's musical training as note reading and technique.     



Jamie Yang

Jamie Yang has been playing piano since age 8 and has been actively involved in music and performing arts ever since. Jamie received her Bachelor’s of Science in Music and Arts Management from the University of Oregon in 2015, where she studied piano under the guidance of Dr. Dean Kramer, Dr. Claire Wachter, and Dr. David Riley. Miss Jamie has been a certified Harmony Road instructor since 2013 and had the opportunity to train with the Harmony Road Course founder, Jan Keyser.


At the heart of Jamie’s teaching philosophy is her belief that music is a vehicle for which students can, through proper instruction, channel and convey their creative thoughts and emotions. She helps facilitate this endeavor by providing a well-rounded approach to music education in a fun and relaxed environment. It is her hope that by teaching music, her students will, in turn, share the joy they’ve found with others.

Chris Misa

Chris Misa began studying classical piano at eight years old leading to a passion formany genres of music.  In 2007 he began performing jazz and improvised music professionally in addition to attending a conservatory-like arts high school.  He attended DePaul University in Chicago studying jazz and classical piano, earning a BM in Composition in 2014.  Since then he has earned a living teaching, composing, and working in restaurants.
Chris Misa firmly believes that music is an integral part of the multifaceted web which connects human beings. Understanding the intricacies of how different cultures have used this medium to communicate complex inner experiences enriches our lives and creates a stronger, better-connected society.  In the classroom and in lessons he seeks to strengthen students understanding of whatever musical realities they are interested in and to introduce new tools and ideas pertinent to their passions.

Katrina Allen

Miss Katrina received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the University of Oregon in 2014, and is currently pursuing both her Masters in Music Education and her K-12 public school teaching license. Katrina has been an active young educator in conjunction with her studies at the University: she taught early childhood music at the EWEB Child Development Center for the last two years of her undergraduate degree, worked as the Choral Music Education Graduate Teaching Fellow during the 2014-2015 academic school year, and is an active volunteer with Shasta Middle School choirs. Katrina is a professional choral singer and studies under the direction of Professor Laura Wayte and Dr. Sharon Paul. 

A recently certified Harmony Road instructor, Katrina is very excited to return to this music methodology; she was a Harmony Road student herself when she was a child in her hometown in Portland, Oregon!

In her spare time, Katrina feeds her passion for music as the President of the Collegiate Chapter of NAfME (National Association for Music Education), singing in local choral projects, and taking drum lessons!



Ali Jones

Ali Jones began playing piano at age 7, and developed a passion for teaching and performing music. In 2014, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Piano Performance from the University of Idaho, where she studied with Dr. Rajung Yang. She moved to Eugene to continue her studies at the University of Oregon, and earned her Master’s degree in Piano Performance under the guidance of Dr. Dean Kramer and Dr. Claire Wachter. 

Ali believes that music should be a central part of education, and that playing the piano can enrich many areas of a person’s life. In her teaching she strives to engage each student’s creativity, imagination, and self-expression, and to build strong foundation in technique, reading and listening skills. 


"Susane Reis is a wonderful and dedicated teacher for students of all ages and levels. She carefully guides each student's pianistic development with the appropriate repertoire and technical exercises, allowing the individuality of the student to blossom. Susane is an outstanding role model for her students. We are very fortunate to have Susane join the Eugene community of piano teachers!"

~Dr. Claire Wachter, Associate Professor of  Piano/Pedagogy
      University of Oregon

"As a teacher, Susane knows how to adapt her teaching materials to capture the interest and bring out the best in each student. Her infectious enthusiasm for music and her diverse musical background make her uniquely qualified to help each student succeed. On top of that, Susane is a fine performer herself and really understands music of many genres on a deep level."

~Dr. Stephen Thomas, Associate Professor of  Piano Performance
     Brigham Young University - Idaho

"Susane is a wonderful teacher: rigorous, loving, and full of humor. Our daughter Luzia (9) has been with her for 2 years, she has made immense progress, she loves the lessons and she even likes to practice -- all thanks to Susane!"

~Ulrich Mayr, Professor of Cognitive Psychology
University of Oregon,

"It's amazing how Susane manages to keep the class both structured and fun. You can see the professionalism, dedication and pure joy of music the moment you step into the classroom.

But for me the clear success is that my son starts singing the songs, dancing and playing on the keyboard all on his own. "More dancing!" he cries, before turning back to his toy piano, playing and stopping to the song.

~Tom Evans, Father
Cottage Grove, Oregon

"Our son is loving his class, talked about it all the way home after his first group lesson and well into the evening...he even remembers to do his homework, enjoying it all the while! Thanks for a great beginning!"

~ Megan Stevens, Mother
Eugene, Oregon

"Our 14 year old daughter had been experiencing dissatisfaction with her piano playing for some time. We decided to look for a new teacher to see if that would increase her interest. After just a few months of working with Susane she has gained a new enthusiasm for her instrument. She even won a composition competition when before she had shown no interest in composition. Susane's positive approach and supportive style has made a real difference for her. Most importantly she's having fun.
Thank you Susane!"

~Rich Mitchell, Father