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September 5 Begin Fall Term Quarter & Semester Classes and Lessons (Continuing Students)
September 17 Begin Fall Term Classes (NEW Students)
November 10 Classes Quarter System End
November 13 Classes on Quarter System Begin
November 23 Thanksgiving (No Classes/Lessons)
Dec. 17 - Jan. 1 Winter Break (No Classes/Lessons)
January 2 Resume Fall Term Classes and Lessons (Quarter & Semester)
February 4 End Fall Term Class (Quarter & Semester terms)
February 5 Spring Semester and Early Spring Quarter Begins
March 5 Summer Camp Registration Opens
March 25 - 31 Spring Break (No Classes/Lessons)
April 13 Early Spring Quarter Ends
April 16 Late Spring Quarter Begins
TBA Spring Recitals (No Classes/Lessons)
June 24 Spring Semester & Quarter Ends


Summer 2018

June 25  Summer Camps Begin
July 2 Begin July Intro Classes
July 2 Begin Drop-In Classes
July 27 End July Intro Classes
August 6 Begin August Intro Classes
August 30  End Intro Classes, Drop-In Sessions, Camps