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Please read notes below. 

Private Lesson Registration:

The price shown is the monthly cost of weekly lessons.


Please contact us if you wish to attend in an "every other week" capacity.


The time slot for each instructor is inaccurate: after registering for private lessons through the parent portal we will contact you and make scheduling arrangements based on your availability and the availabitilty of your selected instructor. 

New To The Academy?

If you are new to our academy, please click the button below for class and lesson placement😁.

In the interim, please feel free to create an account using the Parent Portal (top of page).

Class prices reflect amount paid over 6 installments:

(monthly cost = total cost divided by 6)


There is a $25 discount if paid in full or if you enable the Auto-Pay feature. 

Please inform us if you wish to take advantage of that discount. Thanks!

Group Class Registration:


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