Songwriters Workshops

Young Songwriters is designed for 7th through 12th graders.
This will be a "Parents Night Out" format from 4pm-8pm
July 6th - 10th 
August 10th-14th
Songwriters is designed for those out of high school. 
This will be a "Parents Night Out" format from 4pm-8pm​
July 27th - 31st
Advanced Songwriters 
This will be a "Parents Night Out" format from 4pm-8pm​
August 24th - August 28th

Course Tuition: 

Register and paid in full two weeks before workshop starts: $200

Register and paid in full less than two weeks before workshop starts: $235

The Songwriters Workshops are among the newest additions to our summer camp curriculum. We are offering three classes for different ages and levels of songwriting: Young Songwriters Workshop (7th - 12th grade), Adult Songwriters Workshop (19+), and Advanced Songwriters Workshop. Songwriting teams are always welcome to attend and write together.


Both the Adult and Young Songwriters Workshop are designed for beginning and intermediate songwriters who are interested in learning and developing their skills. It is required that students be able to play triads on a chordal instrument, such as piano or guitar. 


In these workshops, students will learn basic skills of 20th and 21st century songwriting including common song forms, chord structures, lyric writing and how to write and develop a melody. They will also learn how to write in a team, and develop musical ideas with their fellow classmates. Each day, there will be a history lesson on some of the great songwriters of the era, such as John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder and more! We will also delve into the techniques and practices of modern day songwriters such as Bruno Mars and Chance the Rapper.

Students will have “Free write” sessions each day to develop an original song that will be performed on the last day of the workshop. 


The Advanced Songwriters Workshop is designed for skilled songwriters of all ages who are interested in taking their writing to the next level. Over the course of the week, students will not only write a new piece, but also bring an existing piece to workshop and improve upon with the guidance of the instructor and constructive criticism of fellow skilled classmates. 

This workshop includes a review of common chord progressions and song structures, as well as learning new ways to break those structures in a musical manner. It also includes transcription and ear training exercises which help musicians to hear, write, and learn music by ear faster and more accurately. There will be two lectures on great songwriters over the course of the week, the subject of which will be decided upon mutually by the class the first day. If you're serious about songwriting, this is the class for you!

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