Meet The Team

Susane Davis

Owner - Lead Piano Instructor

B.M. Piano Performance

M.M Piano Pedagogy

Along with teaching the fundamentals of music, it is Susane's goal to foster the aspiring young pianist in their pursuit of technical mastery, lyrical touch, and knowledge of the vast repertoire written for the piano and the history behind it. Through this, she hopes that the Eugene Piano Academy will be able to fuel a lifetime of musical love and appreciation with time-tested quality instruction in a supported learning environment.


Piano Instructor - Special Programs Coordinator 

B.S. Music and Arts Management 

At the heart of Jamie’s teaching philosophy is her belief that music is a vehicle for which students can channel and convey their creative thoughts and emotions. She helps facilitate this endeavor by providing a well-rounded approach to music education in a fun and relaxed environment. It is her hope that by teaching music, her students will, in turn, share the joy they’ve found with others.


Piano Instructor - Administrative Support 

B.M. Piano Performance - Emphasis: Music Education

M.A. Music Theory

Ga-In’s vision as a music educator is to instill joy in music-making and to provide a creative outlet for her students. She believes in the importance of exposing students to solid technique, basic knowledge of theory, and a wide range of repertoire to foster their musical creativity.


Piano Instructor

B.M. Piano Performance - B.A. English Literature

M.M. Piano Performance

Becca has been cultivating her enjoyment of music since she was a youngster sitting beneath the piano bench listening to her siblings playing “Hot Cross Buns” and “Old MacDonald’s Farm.” 

Becca is fond of hiking, playing chess, traveling, and all things sweet. Her favorite moments as a teacher have been when her students experience the "light-bulb effect.” Phrases such as "I FINALLY get it!” or "Ohhhhh that makes so much sense!” enliven the enjoyment and delight that music offers.


Guitar Instructor

David enjoys working with students of all levels, from beginning to advanced, and is well-versed in various musical styles, including jazz, folk, blues, rock, and funk. He also understands the importance of laying a solid foundation through, technique, chords/chord construction, reading notation, and music theory to help learn the skills of playing by ear, stylistic variations of standard repertoire, and improvisation. According to David, the most joy for him as a teacher comes from advancing a student from one level to the next, no matter what that might be.


Piano and Vocal Instructor

B.M. Contemporary Improvisation 

M.M. Contemporary Performance 

Farayi Malek received her bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory of Music in 2017. Upon completion, she continued on to receive a master’s degree in Contemporary Performance at the Berklee Global Jazz Institute in 2018, under the tutelage of world-renowned pianist and composer, Danilo Perez. 


In addition to her performance ventures, Farayi Malek is a passionate music educator. In January of 2020, she founded Allegro Virtual Preparatory Instruction, an online learning platform that strives to provide students with the highest possible level of preparation for the study of music in higher education in order to maximize admittance, scholarship funding, and foundational skills for success and heightened creativity.


Violin/Viola Instructor 

B.A. Music, Instrumental Music Education

M.M Violin/Viola Performance & Pedagogy

In the interest of sharing this knowledge of pedagogy to enrich the community, Mr. Douglas strives to provide every student with a real-world musical experience and instill a life-long love of music and performing. Through partnerships with the American String Teachers Association, universities in Oregon, and professional musicians in the community, Mr. Douglas seeks to initiate more active involvement of students and parents in artistic communities of Eugene and Northwest Oregon.


Piano Instructor

B.M. Piano Performance

M.M Piano Pedagogy

Rebecca believes that great artistry can be achieved in even the simplest pieces and that any student can perform artistically, no matter the level. It is her goal to guide students as they master the skills required to play the piano but more importantly, Rebecca hopes that they will find great joy and purpose in the music they create. Furthermore, Rebecca believes in nurturing each individual by helping them find their area of greatest potential in learning and music making. 


Piano and Voice Instructor 

B.M. w/ Empasis in Jazz, Voice, Piano, Composition, and Arranging

In addition to her passion for singing, Sarah also has a deep love for the piano, taking lessons from the age of six. She has received training in classical and jazz piano from several different instructors. Sarah has been teaching private music lessons for fifteen years, and loves to share her passion for music with others. Whether the lessons be for voice or piano, she believes there are many elements that are important for lessons which include technique, knowledge of theory, learning contrasting repertoire and perhaps most importantly, getting to know each student individually and learning what their music goals are.


Piano Instructor 

Piano Performance Studies

UC Boulder

Her priority is to create nurturing relationships with her students in order to help them feel at ease during the learning process. In addition to teaching proper technique, body awareness, and the art of practice, Suzanne aims to create an emotionally satisfying experience by challenging students to translate printed marks on a page into music that can be felt when heard. She enjoys helping students develop the discipline, patience, and persistence that music requires; traits that will be applied to many other endeavors throughout one’s life. 

Suzanne cannot imagine life without the piano. Whether it’s the joy of practicing, the love of teaching, or the thrill of performing, the piano continues to be her lifelong passion and she hopes to pass on this passion to each student she has the opportunity to work with.


Woodwinds Instructor

B.M. Music Education

B.M. Clarinet Performance

Esther combines her performance training with her education in music pedagogy to provide a personalized and sequenced clarinet lesson. She has worked with students ranging from elementary to high school and seeks to help students find the facility and joy in playing the clarinet that she herself enjoys so much.


Flute Instructor 

B.M. Music Composition & Flute Performance

M.M. Piano Music Composition

Sarah is a musical artist who expresses her passions through composition and flute performance. She has taught flute, theory, and composition privately and in school settings. She has always been passionate about music education and believes that it is a skill and experience that betters one's life, no matter the age or level. From hobby to extra-curricular, to pursuing a musical career, Sarah has taught a vast array of students and developed a teaching style that not only develops musical skills at the student’s preferred pace but incorporates other life skills using music as an educational tool. She also believes each student is unique in both musical preferences and learning style and dedicates her time to discover these traits to make lessons both productive and enjoyable.

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