Lifelong Learning

Is it too late for me to learn an instrument?

         Ever heard of a saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, that’s a bunch of baloney!! The best way to keep the mind young is to keep it active! Here at the academy we encourage lifelong learning so why not exercise your brain by making music! There has been many wonderful studies showing how active our minds are when we listen to music, but even more so when we play music. It truly is never too late to pick up a new instrument. With some patience and practice, along with the willingness to fail first before you succeed, you too can become a great musician. Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we offer classes of all ages which includes beginning classes for Adults! Whether you are new or looking for a reason to revisit the piano, now is a great time to start making music again!

Here are two wonderful articles about later beginners that decided to return to the piano: