What to do to Keep Making Music over the Summer

Practice vs Play, or Practice AND Play

The summer break has finally arrived!!! We wish you all the joys and fun on your summer break, but please do consider some music making among your summer plans. In these next couple of months everyone, teacher’s included :), will experience a change in routine; and during these times it is easy to drop everything to be listless and carefree. The summer months are filled with great opportunities to experiment, create, and learn in a less structured environment. We are sure your teachers have given you summer projects to learn and master over the break, but along with that, why not make practicing feel less like a chore to complete a task and more about music making in general. No need to slave away on hard passages and repetition, though maybe a little if necessary ;) Change it up by trying to learn a song you heard on the radio by ear, watch a summer concert or videos of great musical performers, try composing your own original song that one day may become a smash hit in the music world, or just find a friend or two to play in an ensemble with. The key is exploration and freedom to do so. This way you get to use your musical knowledge you have learned all year in another constructive method. The summer months are easy to lose all the great progress learned over the year and we wouldn’t want it all lost! Think about signing up for one of our summer camps or attend a drop-in class  this summer! We have camps that cater to all student playing levels and interest for music to keep things fresh and fun!

Even the pros of the music world sometimes think practicing is unpleasant. Read the article below to see how this 7-time grammy award winning pianist makes practicing “less of a slog”.