Ready for More Music?

Learning a Secondary Instrument 


Have you or your child been taking piano lessons for a few years and is now interested to learn another? Maybe your child is interested in joining the school orchestra, band, or choir. Do you choose to trade instruments or learn to play two instruments? That’s the question we will tackle today here in the Music Room. Piano is a wonderful instrument to first learn about music; building a solid foundation that can lead to learning other instruments in the orchestra. If your child has interest and time, learning a secondary instrument can enhance their music education and offers more opportunities to engage in your community music groups. Let it be a youth orchestra, a band with your friends/family, or just for fun (now that you can play an instrument small enough to carry around with you). wink Learning another instrument along with the piano provides a different level and well-rounded approach to learning and playing music in different styles, interpretation, and sounds in general. Another little benefit in learning a new instrument, is that you get to start over fresh. Not only do you learn to play a new instrument, you also continue to build and enforce your musical knowledge that you already know! Improving in areas such as reading notes in a specific clef, complicated rhythms, or voicing in melodies and harmonies. Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we now provide more than just piano instruction! We now offer instrument lessons in guitar, strings, brass, and woodwinds! So maybe you feel more comfortable now to start learning another instrument, why not schedule a lessons with one of our instructors today and expand your musical possibilities!

Like to read a little more? Below is a wonderful little article that explores the readiness of learning a second instrument and how to find time to learn both!