Beginning Instruments to consider when starting your Musical Journey

A mini guide for toddlers and beyond



There are so many great benefits to gain when you or your child begin to learn an instrument. Many scientific studies shows how music can increase memory skills, improve brain areas that deal with reading and math, and how music even teaches us how to be better humans by learning discipline, self expression, and responsibility along the way. So now we ask the questions: How old can I start my child in music classes? Which instruments would be good for beginners? Am I too old to start learning? Below is an article that explores the best instruments to start engaging with base on age from young toddlers and beyond! Here at the Eugene Piano Academy, we offer beginning classes and lessons for all ages that start at the toddler age of 2 years old to classes for elementary students and beyond. We even have expanded from piano studies to include other instruments like guitar, flute, violin, brass, and more! Music and rhythm is much more integrated in nature and our lives than we may have ever considered; from our very own heart beat to the singing birds. Consider joining one of our upcoming classes that fits you or your child and spark that curiosity and exploration for music!