End of the Year Thoughts

Reflection of the 2017-2018 year at the Eugene Piano Academy


As the music year is winding down, we at the Eugene Piano Academy would like to take some time to reflect on all the progress and growth all of our students have accomplished this past year. Some students have started from the very beginning knowing nothing about music and now can play piano with their right hand and left hand (even hands together!); some students returned from a long hiatus and started playing new challenging and fun music, returning to the recital stage once more; and some students kept up with their piano studies through the years at the academy and matured so much through their musical playing in general. We are so proud of everyone young and old for all of your accomplishments! Not only do we learn about music when playing an instrument, we also learn how to be better people and develop well rounded life skills along the way. Now that summer is approaching, don’t let your music making rest just yet! Consider taking some summer lessons or classes, but for sure return in the fall to continue your musical journey. Nothing makes your teacher prouder than seeing your personal growth as a musician and as a person blossom! Let’s finished the last weeks of the school year learning and making music together! BRAVO!


Below is a wonderful end-of-year letter to new music parents, and I think even current students could read, that really sums up our end of the year feelings quite well! Give it a read!




Look, Sound, and Feel like a Professional Pianist

Performing your best even with butterflies in your stomach 

The Spring season is often also performance season! Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we have students participating in Masterclass, Syllabus, and at our very own Student Recital coming up in May! Whether you are a first time performer or more seasoned, here is a neat article with tips on how to approach the task of preparing and performing at a public event like a pro! We are so proud how much work all our students are putting to prepare for their performances! Everyone enjoy!!




Lifelong Learning

Is it too late for me to learn an instrument?

         Ever heard of a saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, that’s a bunch of baloney!! The best way to keep the mind young is to keep it active! Here at the academy we encourage lifelong learning so why not exercise your brain by making music! There has been many wonderful studies showing how active our minds are when we listen to music, but even more so when we play music. It truly is never too late to pick up a new instrument. With some patience and practice, along with the willingness to fail first before you succeed, you too can become a great musician. Here at the Eugene Piano Academy we offer classes of all ages which includes beginning classes for Adults! Whether you are new or looking for a reason to revisit the piano, now is a great time to start making music again!

Here are two wonderful articles about later beginners that decided to return to the piano:

 (1) https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=98754560



3 Things to tell your child   (or yourself) when they begin a musical instrument

The nitty gritties of music in 3 points

Spring term at the Eugene Piano Academy has just started! For those of us beginning the journey of music education, here are a few things for parents and new students to keep in mind when starting a new instrument. This is also a great reminder for current students too! Click on the link below for a wonderful article and some encouraging words.

“Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success”

-Napoleon Hill




Classes with a Master

What to expect, what you will learn, and is it worth my time

Christopher O’Riley with pre-college students from the 2016 Lamont Summer Academy at the University of Denver.
Photo Credit: Rachel J. Shaffer
Source from: http://majoringinmusic.com/music-master-classes/

        You may have heard from your instructor or read in our newsletter about an upcoming masterclass at the Eugene Piano Academy. We are very lucky to have Dr. Claire Wachter and her graduate piano pedagogy students to be our master teachers for our upcoming class. Many of us probably are unaware what a masterclass is like and we assure you that your instructor probably has attended and even performed in many masterclasses. To make it simple, a masterclass is a public lesson. There are many benefits in participating and attending masterclasses. Are you performing or is your child performing in the October masterclass? Are you on the fence about attending the class? Here is a wonderful article to prepare yourself or your child for our first masterclass!